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Are Drugstore Wrinkle Creams as Safe as Erase Instant Face-Lift?

Every drugstore is full of jars and jars of wrinkle creams. Some of these products are supposedly made of 100 percent natural ingredients, others make grandiose claims about their anti-aging benefits.

Looking beyond the marketing message, what does it take to select the best drugstore wrinkle creams? Are all of these products efficient and even more importantly – are all of them safe? Learning a bit more about the ingredients and the manner in which those affect the skin will be crucially important for picking safe products and making sure that your anti-aging efforts are not causing harm.

Medical Research

As we age, skin cell turnover decreases. This is when the skin starts to age and it loses some of its elasticity.

Medical research confirms the fact that some drugstore wrinkle creams are capable of regulating skin cell turnover, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles. In order to pick the best products, you need to go through clinical studies to find out more about the ingredients.

Research shows that lactic acid is one of the ingredients that can have a positive impact on skin health. Alpha hydroxy acids and peptide-based serums can also increase elasticity and prevent wrinkles. The concentration of these ingredients, however, is another important factor to examine before picking a wrinkle cream.

Are All of the Drugstore Creams Safe?

Going for chemical-free, natural cosmetics is essential for keeping skin in good condition without putting yourself at a health risk. Various chemicals that are found in mass-manufactured cosmetics can produce side effects ranging from skin irritation to possibly higher cancer risk.

Some of the most dangerous drugstore wrinkle cream ingredients to be on the lookout for include propylene glycol, alcohols, DEA, MEA and TEA, parabens and acrylamide.

Propylene glycol is considered a moisturizing agent and as such, it is commonly used in the most affordable hydrating creams. Researchers have found out that its use is connected to a high risk of skin irritation and the chemical may also contribute to liver problems.

Alcohol is sometimes used in such creams and it may come in the form of ethyl alcohol, ethanol or methanol. Remember that alcohol has an excessively drying effect, which can cause skin irritation.

DEA, MEA and TEA are all used to balance the skin’s pH. These three ingredients have already been banned in European Union countries because researchers have labeled them as dangerous carcinogens. Parabens, the preservatives found in many cosmetics, have also been established as carcinogenic substances.

The final common ingredient included in a vast range of drugstore wrinkle creams is acrylamide. There is some scientific evidence that the long-term topical application of acrylamide-containing creams could potentially increase the risk of breast cancer.

Safer Alternatives

Sometimes, going beyond drugstore cosmetics is the smartest thing to do. Specialized creams and serums are usually much more efficient. In addition, they rely on high quality natural ingredients that are much safer than the numerous chemicals used in cheap drugstore creams.

Erase 3 Minute Instant Face-Lift serum is one such great alternative. The serum smoothes out the fine lines on the face and it also hydrates the skin. These two combined effects result in a much more youthful appearance.

The overwhelming majority of people that tried the Erase serum were happy with the results. In addition, reviewers have not reported side effects, irritation or any other problems stemming from the use of the product. You can easily test Erase Cosmetics 3 Minute Instant Face-Lift because the serum is provided with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Learn more about drugstore wrinkle creams and what you should look for when you are going to buy.