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Best Treatment For Dark Circles

With age we start to experience strange things in our body and one of them are the signs of aging that we really find difficult to cope with psychologically. We are afraid of looking old and the wrinkles on our faces give us nightmares. Skin problems like dark circles and wrinkles become commonplace for people above the age of 40. Aging leads to loss of skin elasticity, which leads to a situation when the dark circles and puffy bags around the eyes start gaining prominence.

Well, here is the good news – you have several treatment options that can get rid of the dark circles without much fuss. You can either opt for the natural remedies or can just stick to the commercial dark circle removal creams available in the market. It is totally your discretion as to what line of treatment you opt for but before you choose any, it is essential to learn a little about the real reasons behind the dark circles.

Under-eye dark circles are caused by the following:

  • It can be hereditary and dark circles can be prominent in the family      as generations carry forward similar skin pigment and bone structure.
  • Hidden medical conditions like asthma and allergies can also lead to      dark circles. Medicines that have a dilating effect on the bluff vessels      can also cause dark circles.
  • Stress is major cause behind the appearance of dark circles but this      can be easily treated with proper nutrition and rest.
  •  With age, the skin loses its      elasticity and the blood vessels become more prominent giving rise to dark      circles.

Prevention of dark circles:

‘Prevention is better than Cure’ is an adage that fits perfectly in the case of dark circles because it is much easier to prevent the occurrence of dark circles than finding the perfect cure. Moisturizing the skin regularly and application of sunscreen will keep dark circles at bay for a long time. It is also important that you follow a balanced diet (with loads of vitamin K) and rest or sleep regularly to prevent the occurrence of dark circles.

Popular treatments of Dark Circles:

You can go for laser resurfacing wherein the underlying veins or capillaries are stopped from resurfacing. Intense pulsed light is another modern treatment that can get rid of the dark circles permanently. The appearance of capillaries and veins can be permanently stopped with the help of these two treatments.

In case you opt for the natural treatments then you can use the natural peels to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes. This will help in the revival of new skin and naturally treat the dark circles. For those who want to go the traditional way of treating dark circles, they can choose the variety of creams available in the market. These creams contain the moisturizing and revitalizing compounds which rejuvenate the skin and reduce dark circles.

The treatments for dark circles vary from person to person and the severity of the problem is a big determinant of the line of treatment. You will be amazed to learn that there are many who were able to cure their dark circles by using only a single jar of the dark circle removal creams available at the local drugstores – it is just that you have to know about the real causes behind your dark circles.

I have finally found the best treatment for dark circles and it is really easy to use, you just rub it on your face and a few minutes later your wrinkles are gone.